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Compact Size Vibration Meter
Type 3116/3116A

  • ・TYPE3116:JPY 130,000

    ・TYPE3116A:JPY 140,000

About the product

・super mine-size like a cellular phone.
・It offers, just like a “machinery doctor”, high precision monitoring of various industrial machinery by using the optional headphone or auscultation stick.

Product Specifications


Measurement rangeAcceleration(ACC)0.02~200m/s² RMS
Velocity(VEL)0.02~200mm/s RMS
Displacement(DISP)2~2000μm EQp-p
Frequency rangeAcceleration(ACC)3Hz~10kHz
Velocity(VEL)10Hz~1kHz(Compliant with JIS B0907-1989)
Measurement rangeAcceleration(ACC)20, 200m/s² RMS
Velocity(VEL)20, 200mm/s RMS
Displacement(DISP)200, 2000μm EQp-p
Display characteristicsAcceleration(ACC)RMS, EQ Peak, Peak
Velocity(VEL)RMS, EQ Peak, Peak
Displacement(DISP)RMS, EQ Peak, EQp-p, Peak
EQ Peak=RMS×√2,EQp-p=EQ Peak×2
Dynamic characteristic (Time constant)RMS, EQ Peak, EQp-p;1s
Liquid crystal displayDisplayLCD with backlight 128×64 dot
HoldData hold
Digital display4digets, Display Period;1s or 2s (selectable)
(Average of 10 data at 100ms, 1s or 20 data at 100ms, 2s)
Bar - graph0~100%
Warning(Overload)[Over] is displayed for full scale
Battery4-level residual display
Data memoryMax.256, 4kB
Output TerminalAC on a Menu screen/Portable Headphone Change selection
AC OutputOutput Voltage;1Vrms(FS)
Load resistance;more than 100kΩ
Headphone OutputVibration sound monitor by exclusive Portable Headphone With Volume function
Display precision±5%
I/O TerminalData output for PC and Direct output to printer
Operating Temperature RangeTemperature;-10~+50℃
Humidity;30%~90%(no condensing)
Battery Type and Life2 Alkaline dry cells type LR03 Approx.12 hours or AC adapter
Size and Weight145(H)×48(W)×23.5(D) Approx.130g(Include Batteries)