ACO Co., Ltd. was established as a sound measuring instrument manufacturer in 1972, and amassed an extensive performance record through its accumulation of research and development in cooperation with user companies and research institutes at universities. Based on these achievements, ACO branched out into the vibration-measuring segment in 1977 and continues to expand today as one of Japan's largest enterprises in the sensor industry.

We began development of an export market in 1976. Since that time, we have established business relationships in the U.S., the U.K., Germany, Korea, Taiwan and other countries around the world, where "ACO-made sensors" are highly regarded.

In February 1988, we established a new plant and technology research laboratory in Miyazaki, and since that time we have continued to develop new products and improve quality with the latest technological equipment and through the accumulated knowledge of our human resources.
At our laboratory specifically designed with a large anechoic chamber, we are always in pursuit of "seeking tomorrow's needs" in high precision environments.
Environmental changes and technological innovation surrounding sensors have been remarkable, and these fields have likewise been expanding on global and cosmic scales, in conjunction with the increasing concerns over the environment, in particular. ACO's products are based on human living environments. We manufacture a diverse line up of products for quality management, maintenance, controls, product research and development, various kinds of instruments, construction and medical departments.

In March 2002, we entered the lamp unit assembly business for liquid crystal displays taking advantage of the technology we have accumulated in manufacturing sound measuring instruments. Because liquid crystal display manufacturers highly regard our soldering technology, we have experienced steady growth.

ACO will continue to strive to understand the needs of its customers in pursuit of mutual growth and expansion. We look forward to providing solutions from simple needs to general system requests.

Company Name ACO CO., LTD
■ Head office and Sales office
85-1 Otsuka, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo 192-0352
TEL: +81-426-76-4661 FAX: +81-426-76-5333
■ Plant and technology research laboratory
(site area: 12,592m²)
1-8 Oaza Kamamuta, Takaharu-cho, Nishimorokata-gun, Miyazaki 889-4414, Japan
TEL: +81-984-42-4499
FAX: +81-984-42-0344
Foundation July 22, 1972
Business Outline Manufacture and sales of various sound/vibration sensors and sound/ vibration measuring instruments.
Capital Yen 60,000,000
Number of employees 50
Annual sales JPY 500 million