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(Sound-Vibration Monitoring System)

  • JPY 1,200,000
    Includes measuring instruments and display.
  • きんりんくん②
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About the product

It can play double role of “watching sound/vibration” and “public relations” at the construction site simultaneously.

It is an automatic measuring system, with which main body for the measuring instruments and display are set in a box.
Installation was made easier than ever. High brightness white LED is employed for the display, securing excellent visibility. Connection of cables are also made easier.
All-weather windscreen is waterproof type and can be used for continuous measurement in outdoor environment. It is very useful for monitoring sound/vibration caused by construction work, or medium to long term monitoring of noise of road traffic or railway.

Case Studies

It can monitor sound and vibration caused by construction work, etc., automatically.

With this system, sound and vibration occurring can be announced real time.

By using sound/vibration data management software or Excel, data measured by sound level meter and vibration level meter and recorded to the SD card can be used to make and print graphs and lists.

It can play an active role in preservation of environment around or neighborhood of construction site, as well as to control and maintain construction laborer’s working environment.

Product Specifications

●Sound measurement
Install all-weather windscreen (1/2 ECM microphone) and measure the sound automatically.
It is very easy to operate for anyone. Measurement can be started only by turning on the power.
Measurement range is 30 dB - 100 dB.
Measurement frequency range is 20 Hz - 8 kHz. (in accordance with IEC 651-804 Type 2)
Instantaneous value of sound level is indicated on the LED display.

●Vibration measurement
Before vibration measurement. place vibration pickup (vibration sensor) on the ground and measure environmental vibration automatically.
Measurement range is 30 dB - 90 dB.
Measurement frequency range is 1 Hz ‐ 80 Hz.
Instantaneous value of vibration level is indicated on the LED display.

Measurement rangeSound30 – 100 dB
Vibration30 – 90 dB
Measurement itemsSoundLAeq、LAmax、LAmin、LX
RecordCalculated sound/vibration values at 10 minutes interval are recorded to a SD card (Number of continuous recordable days is 31 days)
Data display (graph, list) and print out are possible by using application software.
LEDDisplayInstantaneous values of sound level and vibration level.
Display range30 – 90 dB
WarningWarning light will flash at higher than set values.
Operating temperature/humidity range0 – 45 ℃, 90 % RH (without condensation)
Temperature/humidity range inside of the main box.
Waterproof propertyIPX7 (Vibration pickup)
Power SupplyAC220V 50/60Hz ±10%

Set the signal processing unit at an appropriate place.
Set all-weather windscreen (1/2 ECM microphone) using tripod, etc.
Place acceleration pickup (vibration sensor)

Main box of KINRIN-KUN
Sound/vibration monitoring system)
Class 2 sound level meter Type 6226 and
vibration level meter Type 3233 are included.
1 ea
All-weather windscreenNA-0303
Microphone Type 7052N included, with 3 m of microphone cable BC-0046-3.
1 ea
Acceleration pickupType 7833
with acceleration pickup cable BC-0233I-3 (white, 3 m)
1 ea
Acceleration pickup cover1 ea
Power cable (3 m, waterproof 3 pin plug)1 ea
Application software (CD)1 ea
Instruction manual1 ea

Other materials

Example of system set-up

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