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Vibration Calibrator
TYPE 2110

  • JPY 800,000

About the product

TYPE 2110 Vibration Calibrator offers highly accurate calibration for vibration pickups with the weight of 10-500g.

Vibration Calibrator TYPE 2110 is a calibrator for the maintenance control of vibration level meter.
Low cost and high accuracy check and calibration of the vibration level that is in accordance with “JIS C 1510 : 1995 Vibration Level Meter” can be performed for the vibration level meter after the operation under severe environment or long period of usage.
Switching of the frequency of commercial power (50 Hz or 60 Hz) can be easily made and horizontal calibration is possible by using the pick-up holder.

Product Specifications

mesurement set up
Vibration excitation level97dB±0.5dB(0dB=10-5m/s²(rms))
Vibration excitation frequency6.3Hz±2%
Maximum allowable weight2.6kg
Acceleration waveform distortion rate5% max(Frequency range :1 – 100 Hz)
Vibration table diameterφ130
Operating temperature15~35℃ 90% max
Power sourceAC100V (50Hz/60Hz switching)
Vibration Calibrator1 ea
Pickup horizontal holder1 ea
Cable1 ea
Instruction manual1 ea

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