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About the product

Acceleration pickup is a sensor to detect acceleration or vibration by mounting or contacting onto vibrating body of machinery or equipments.

ACO Co., Ltd. offers wide variety of acceleration pickup, including TYPE 7302 that weighs only 1/5 of 1 Yen coin (0.2g), and other types with temp range of -50℃ to +160℃, meeting various needs required by customers.
With built-in preamplifier type acceleration pickup, expensive charge amplifier is not necessary and extension of the low noise cable is possible, thus reducing the cost for measurement.

Case Studies

In general, acceleration pickup has a main axis with which the acceleration sensitivity becomes its maximum. It is called "Sensing Axis" and align this axis with the desired measurement direction. Normally the sensing axis is close to perpendicular to the mounting base surface of the pickup.
With the pickup fixed to the vibration table and if it is vibrated in the direction of sensing axis, the pickup will provide rating output. Next, if the pickup is mounted on the vibration table with inclination angle θ for the sensing axis and vibrated, the output (SVθ) will be rating output multiplied by cosθ, Output for the sensing axis will be SVθ*cosθ. If the θ is brought to 90 degrees, the output is supposed to become zero however, because of the existence of the Transverse Sensitivity (i.e. Sensitivity in any given direction perpendicular to the sensing axis), there will be some output. In the case of pickups offered by ACO, the lateral axis sensitivity is less than 5%.

Triple axis pickup is very useful since it can measure the vibration in 3 axis simultaneously. It is a convenient sensor to obtain composition of acceleration in 3 axes, or to measure and evaluate human body exposure to the vibration of machinery.
New product, 3 axis 10 mm X 10 mm, was developed in reply to the need to use the pickup at measurement site where only small mounting space is available. It contains preamplifier yet it is small and easy to connect.


Product Specifications

【New On Sale】Small size 3 axis 10mm X 10mm Cubic Acceleration Sensor

3 axis Acceleration Sensor with Built-in Preamplifier

Example of system with microphone and 3 axis pickup


TypeTYPE 7803A
FeatureSmall size, 3 axis
ConfigurationShear type
Sensitivity mV/m/s²1.0
Frequency Range Hz(±5%)X、Y:2~10,000
Frequency Range Hz(±3dB)X、Y:0.5~15,000
Resonant Frequency kHz55
Maximum Usable
Acceleration m/s²
Maximum Transverse
Sensitivity %
Impact Resistance m/s²30,000
Operating Temperature ℃-50~+120
Power Source VDC21~30
Current Consumption mA2.0~10.0
Output Impedance Ω100
Case MaterialTitanium
Outline size mm10(W)x10(D)x10(H)
Weight g4.4
Spanner ScrewM3 Female screw

Block chart

A/D Converter NI USB-9234

A/D converter NI USB-9234 is composed of 9234 NI module and NI USB-9162 carrier. NI USB-9234 is a 4 channel A/D converter corresponding to the IEPE with USB bus power supply and it is convenient for carrying around.

Mount Base for small size 3 axis Pickup

Mounting base designed specifically for small size 3 axis pickup. It is a disposable type that enables easy and accurate mounting of the pickup.


MaterialABS Resin
Quantity5 ea/pack

Charge Output Acceleration Pickup_1

TypeTYPE 7302TYPE 7303TYPE 7304TYPE 7344A
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FeatureExtremely small sizeSmall size, waterproofSmall ringSmall size, light weight
ConfigurationShear typeBending typeShear type
Sensitivity pC/m/s²0.0351.840.20.3
Frequency Range Hz(±5%)fc ~ 6,000fc ~ 1,300fc ~ 10,000fc ~ 15,000
Frequency Range Hz(±3dB)fc ~ 20,000fc ~ 2,000fc ~ 20,000
Resonant Frequency kHz60560
Maximum Usable Acceleration m/s²100,0005,00050,000
Maximum Transverse Sensitivity %5
Impact Resistance m/s²100,00010,000100,000
Operating Temperature ℃-50 ~ +160-20 ~ +120-50 ~ +160-20 ~ +150
ConnectorN/A(cable)Micro connector on the side surface(M3)
Case MaterialTitaniumStainless steelTitanium
Outline size
(excluding connector) mm
Weight g0.21.31.92
Spanner ScrewBondingScrew (M2) or BondingM3 Female screw
Appearance diagram mm
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Charge Output Acceleration Pickup_2

TypeTYPE 7351ATYPE 7350ATYPE 7323ATYPE 7323B
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FeatureFor general applicationsExtremely small size, 3 axisSmall size, 3 axis
ConfigurationCompression typeShear type
Sensitivity pC/m/s²5.00.040.16
Frequency Range Hz(±5%)fc ~ 8,000fc ~ 7,000fc ~ 5,000fc ~ 10,000
Frequency Range Hz(±3dB)fc ~ 12,000fc ~ 10,000fc ~ 20,000fc ~ 15,000
Resonant Frequency kHz40306040
Maximum Usable Acceleration m/s²16,00025,00010,000
Maximum Transverse Sensitivity %5
Impact Resistance m/s²20,00050,000100,000
Operating Temperature ℃-40 ~ +150-50 ~ +160-20 ~ +160
ConnectorMiniature connector on the upper surfaceMiniature connector on the side surfaceN/A(cable)Micro connector on the side surface(M3)
Case MaterialStainless steelTitanium
Outline size
(excluding connector) mm
Weight g25291.25.2
Spanner ScrewM6 Female screwBonding
Appearance diagram mm
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Built-in Preamplifier Type Acceleration Pickup_1

TypeTYPE 7826TYPE 7823BTYPE 7820ATYPE 7861IS
* Click the figure to see enlarged drawing.
FeatureSmall sizeFor general applicationsIntrinsically safe, explosion-proof construction
(with barrier)
ConfigurationShear typeCompression type
Sensitivity mV/m/s²1.05.0
Frequency Range Hz(±5%)3 ~ 10,00010 ~ 6,0006 ~ 5,000
Frequency Range Hz(±3dB)1.5 ~ 16,0005 ~ 10,0003 ~ 10,000
Resonant Frequency kHz454035
Maximum Usable Acceleration m/s²2,200440720
Maximum Transverse Sensitivity %5
Impact Resistance m/s²10,00049,0005,000
Operating Temperature ℃-30 ~ +110-50 ~ +110-20 ~ +110
Power supply and voltage VDC15 ~ 2515 ~ 3615 ~ 25
Constant current mA0.5 ~ 5.00.5 ~ 10.00.5 ~ 5.0
Output Impedance Ω100300100
ConnectorMicro connector on the side surface(M3)Micro connector on the side surface(M3)Miniature connector on the side surfaceTNC connector on the top surface
CableBC-0065BC-0064TNC Cable
Case MaterialTitaniumStainless steel
Outline size
(excluding connector) mm
Weight g1.92.91052
Spanner ScrewM3 Female screwM6 Female screw
Appearance diagram mm
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Built-in Preamplifier Type Acceleration Pickup_2

TypeTYPE 7828TYPE 7803ATYPE 7803BTYPE 7803C
* Click the figure to see enlarged drawing.
FeatureFor general applications, 3 axisSmall size, 3 axisFor general applications, 3 axis
ConfigurationShear type
Sensitivity mV/m/s²1001.010.01.0
Frequency Range Hz(±5%)10 ~ 1,500X,Y: 2 ~ 10,000
Z: 2 ~ 15,000
1 ~ 5,000
Frequency Range Hz(±3dB)5 ~ 2,000X,Y: 0.5 ~ 15,000
Z: 0.5 ~ 20,000
1 ~ 8,000
Resonant Frequency kHz85535
Maximum Usable Acceleration m/s²405,0004004,000
Maximum Transverse Sensitivity %5
Impact Resistance m/s²3,00030,000
Operating Temperature ℃-20 ~ +110-50 ~ +120-50 ~ +110
Power supply and voltage VDC2421 ~ 3021 ~ 24
Constant current mA0.5 ~ 5.02.0 ~ 10.00.5 ~ 10.0
Output Impedance Ω501001,000
ConnectorMiniature connector on the side surfaceCZ664DR-4S-4
Case MaterialStainless steelTitanium
Outline size
(excluding connector) mm
Weight g2704.411.1
Spanner ScrewM6 Female screwM3 Female screwM5 Female screw
Appearance diagram mm
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Piezoelectric type acceleration pickup is a sensor that utilizes piezoelectric effect, charge generating phenomenon for the distortion due to mechanical stress applied to the piezoelectric element.
It has following features and used in wide range of vibration measurement fields.

・Has high mechanical strength, wide dynamic range and frequency range.
・No static sensitivity because of charge response type.
・External power source is not necessary due to utilization of piezoelectric effect.
・Excellent temporal characteristics due to no damping mechanism.
・Small size and light weight. Easy to mount.

Acceleration applied to the base that is fixed to the specimen (vibrating object) and the weight will produce a force to the piezoelectric element. As a result, the piezoelectric element will generate charge in proportion to the acceleration, thus enabling to measure the acceleration applied to the pickup.
There are 2 types of acceleration pickup depending on the difference how the force is applied to the piezoelectric element. One is compression type and another is shear type. Compression type has a construction in which the piezoelectric element is placed between the base and the weight. It has larger mechanical strength and suitable for measurement of fluctuating vibration that accompanies impact shock.
Shear type has a construction in which shearing force is applied to the piezoelectric element. It is less susceptible for the temperature change.

【Charge Output Type and Built-in Preamplifier Type】

When certain force is applied to the piezoelectric element, charge will be generated. The value expressed with the amount of the charge is called Charge Sensitivity (Unit: pC/(m/s²)). Piezoelectric type pickup can be easily affected by the noise therefore low noise cable is used.
Also when vibration measurement is made by the charge output type pickup, charge amplifier is used to convert the charge to voltage.
Acceleration pickup with Built-in Preamplifier consists of charge output type pickup and preamplifier (impedance converter). It can measure the voltage that is proportional to the input acceleration. It can measure the voltage that is proportional to the input acceleration.

【About constant current circuit】

Acceleration Pickup with Built-in Preamplifier can directly measure the voltage output that is proportional to the input acceleration (unit: mV/(m/s²)). By using the constant current type power supply to the preamplifier, single line can commonly used for the signal transfer (change in voltage) line and power supply (constant current). Low cost coaxial cable (single signal line) can be used and it eliminates the necessity for expensive multi-core cable.

【Principle of constant current circuit】

To maintain constant current at all times, constant current diode (CRD: Current Regulative Diode) is used. As shown in the figure, CRD can flow constant current without being affected by the change in voltage.
It is also possible to obtain stable signal by getting the signal (AC component only) through "R" and "C", then connecting it to high impedance devices such as FFT analyzer or digital multi-meter through "R".

Example of measurement using Acceleration Pickup

Usually, construction of concert hall, condominium or hotel requires deep piling for their base and such buildings are required to have certain level of "quietness". If there is subway running nearby, it may become a source of noise for such buildings due to the transmission of the vibration trough underground solid objects and cause trouble. To evaluate and analyze such underground vibration, there are cases where vibration from the subway is measured.

Vibration measurement for the Bullet Train or road traffic that are related to Vibration Regulation Act is to measure and evaluate the "vibration level". However, in the case such as the evaluation of noise/vibration from the subway caused by transmission through the solid objects, frequency analysis is required.

When the wheel goes on the rail, it causes vibration through the railroad tie or ballast and it is transmitted to areas along the railway. In this case, rail joints can be a source of large vibration and its level varies by the speed of the train or the number of the cars. To measure and evaluate the condition of transmission of the vibration, simultaneous measurement at multiple points is extremely useful. It is also very effective for other evaluation such as vibration isolation system.

Charge Converter CA3145

Charge Converter is a small size charge amplifier that converts charge signal into voltage signal.
Charge output type acceleration pickup requires charge amplifier, which however enables direct connection to BNC terminal (constant current compatible) of FFT Analyzer, etc.


Gain10mV/pc±2.5% (9.75~10.25) Input signal source electrostatic capacitance 1000~2000pF
For power source current 2mA at.160 Hz
10mV/pc±5.0% (9.50~10.50) Input signal source electrostatic capacitance 1000~5000pF
For power source current 2mA at.160Hz
Output Impedance500Ω minimum
Frequency Range2~50kHz (±3dB less than)
Maximum Output Voltage10Vp-p
DC Output Voltage10V±2.0
Equivalent input noise levelLess than 0.05pCrms, for input signal source electrostatic capacitance 3500pF and for drive source current 2mA at.2~50kHz
phase difference
Operating Temperature0~+50℃
Operating Humidity85%RH (without condensation)
Storage Temperature-20~+80℃
Input Signal Source
Insulation Resistance
5000MΩ minimum
Input Signal Source
Electrostatic Capacitance
5000pF minimum
Main Body weightApprox.20g
Power SourceDC18~36V、2.0~20mA constant current
Input ConnectorMiniature Connector (Screw 10-32UNF)
Output ConnectorBNC Plug
Main Body ConstructionNot insulated
Outline sizeφ15×40(L) mm
External Case MaterialStainless Steel(SUS303)

Example of Measurement System

With the Acceleration Pickup with Built-in Preamplifier, measurement and frequency analysis can be easily performed by connecting the pickup to the Sound Card (TYPE 8833A) through Miniature Connecting Cable and Miniature BNC Connector and by using the FFT Analyzer Software (SpectraPLUS).

【Mounting Method】Stud and Mounting Base will make it easier to mount the Pickup.

The Most important for mounting the Acceleration Pickup is to firmly contact the mounting surface of the base with the surface of the vibrating body. For that purpose, the surface of the base is finished with high flatness. It is ideal to polish flatly the surface of the vibrating body, apply grease, etc. to the contacting surface and fix tightly with the fixing screw using wrench.

By using ACO's stud (Mounting Base), it is not necessary to machine or finish the mounting surface of the vibrating body. With it, flat surface that is fixed by the screw can be easily obtained and highly reliable vibration measurement becomes available.

Mount Base for 3 axis Pickup is a disposable and very convenient one designed exclusively for the small size 3 axis pickup, which enables easy and accurate mounting of the pickup.

【Calibration】Acceleration Pickup Sensitivity Calibrator, Mini-Calibrator MC-20

Normally the piezoelectric type acceleration pickup is used under very harsh measurement environment, therefore calibration after long period of usage is required. Such calibration is dependent upon the manufacturer of the pickup, causing high cost for the calibration. MC-20 was developed to solve such problem. It contains vibrator, amplifier and display in a single body and calibration can be carried out quickly by simply connecting the sensor with substantially lower cost.

Example of Use

Pickup Cable

Pickup Cable is a cable prepared exclusively for the Acceleration Pickup, taking durability and easy routing into consideration to cope with various needs at measurement site.
Wide variety of types with different length, different maximum temperature, or for 3 axis simultaneous measurement, etc. are available.

TypeLengthAppearance diagram 
* Click the figure to see enlarged drawing.
(Low Noise Cable)
(Coaxial Cable)
(Low Noise Cable)
(Coaxial Cable)

Screw, Attachment, etc.

For realize highly reliable measurements, various items such as exclusively designed screws, contact pin that is convenient for pin-point measurement, or mounting base for the vibration measurement (stud), etc. are available.

Junction Connector
Magnet Attachment
Contact Pin
M6 UNF Flange Screw
Charge Converter
Miniature BNC Adapter
Insulation Attachment
M3 Screw
10-32 UNF Screw
Toyo Stud

* Click the figure to see enlarged drawing.