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【Patented product】
Waterproof Cap

  • 【Price】
    5 ea/set : JPY 25,000
    10 ea/set : JPY 40,000
  • NA-0340英②

About the product

Very effective for waterproofing for outdoor measurements.
NA-0340 has been developed as a result of industry-university collaboration between ACO Co., Ltd, Sound Concierge Co., Ltd and Tomoegawa Co., Ltd. It has extremely high waterproofing performance and acoustic permeability of nearly 100 %.
By employing NA-0340, normal windscreen can be used as an all-weather type windscreen to protect the microphone from rain and snow in outdoor usage.

Installation of the waterproof cap is simply fit it to the top of the microphone but it has a structure that it will not come off easily.

Product Specifications

Type No.NA-0340
Frequency response20 Hz ~ 20 kHz
Duration of weathering resistivity2 years
ConstructionWaterproof protection Class 3, Rainproof type JIS C 0920
MaterialStainless steel
Dimensionφ15 × 12 (H)
Weight0.6 g
Applicable microphone diameter1/2 inch
(including microphones by other microphone manufacturers)
Installation directionVertical direction

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