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【Patented product】
Small size all-weather type windscreen(φ90)

  • Price: JPY 40,000
    ※NA-0304B does not include microphone, preamplifier, cable or sound level meter.

    【Related product】
    Waterproof cap : NA-0340
  • NA-0304B英③

About the product

NA-0304B is very useful for the construction sites and factories where water splashes are expected and also for a long term outdoor noise measurement.
By using Waterproof cap that has extremely high waterproof performance and acoustic permeability of nearly 100 %, which has been developed as a result of industry-university collaboration between ACO Co., Ltd, Sound Concierge Co., Ltd and Tomoegawa Co., Ltd., NA-0304B can be used as an all-weather type windscreen.
Utilization of newly developed special windscreen material and special drip-proof treatment to NA-0304B make it easy to use only covering the microphone with it. Also, with its only φ90 mm diameter it is smaller than ever as an all-weather type windscreen.

Since raindrops are difficult to seep into NA-0304B, accurate measurement can be made without being affected by water permeated into the windscreen.

Example of applications
※Measurement of aircraft noise
※Noise measurement at construction sites
※Measurement of automobile noise
※Noise measurement at wind power generating facility etc.

Product Specifications

Type No.NA-0304B
Frequency response20 Hz ~ 16 kHz
Wind noise reduction effectApprox. 10 dB
ConstructionWindscreen : Urethane
Waterproof cap : Stainless steel
Duration of weathering resistivity2 years
Dimensionφ90 mm
WeightApprox. 10 g
1/2 inch
(including microphones by other microphone manufacturers)
Installation directionVertical direction (upward)

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