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Sound Calibrator
TYPE 2127

  • IEC 60942:2017 Class1 compliant

    JPY 50,000

About the product

By laws and regulations, it is required to calibrate sound level meter using sound calibrator. Type 2127 is a sound calibrator with high accuracy feed-back control method. It has been developed under the concept of “provide low cost calibrator which is small, lightweight and easy-to-use” and has many unprecedented features.
It complies with IEC60942 : 2017 Class1 and uses stable condenser microphone as a control sensor. Since it strictly controls generated sound pressure level in real-time, the possibility of errors due to changes in atmospheric pressure or microphone insertion loss are very small, and the accuracy and stability are unmatched despite its small size. Dedicated adapter is attached to it, therefore it can be used for not only sound level meter calibration but also for 1 inch, 1/2 inch or 1/4 inch microphones. There is no worry about calibration at wrong sound pressure level because battery depletion is warned by blinking LED and stopping the sound. Nominal generated frequency and sound pressure level are 1000 Hz, 94 dB, making it an indispensable calibrator in the field of sound with its many new technologies.

Product Specifications


Pursuant StandardsIEC 60942:2017 Class1
JIS C1515:2020 Class1
ANSI S1.40-2006(R2011) Class1
Coverage microphoneMeasurement Microphone
1-inch and 1/2-inch
(Included 1/2-inch microphone Adapter)
Nominal Sound pressure level (Tolerance)94dB(±0.2dB)
※Reference environment (Ambient temperature 23 degree C, static pressure 101.325 kPa, relative humidity 50 %)
Nominal Frequency (Tolerance)1000Hz(±0.1%)
※Reference environment (Ambient temperature 23 degree C, static pressure 101.325 kPa, relative humidity 50 %)
Size (mm)Approx.110(W)×75.5(H)×46(D)
Battery TypeTwo Alkaline dry batteries (LR6)
Accessories1/2-inch microphone Adapter:1
Alkaline dry batteries (LR6 ):2
Instruction manual:1
option1/4-inch microphone Adapter
AD-2124-4 Price:¥30,000-