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High temperature specification microphone
TYPE 7412


About the product

Preamplifier integrated microphone compatible with IEPE can be connected directly to FFT analyzer or other analyzers, enabling to measure with highly accurate resolution at low costs.
Long-term stability realized by accelerated aging process under 360℃ enables to use under 100℃ or higher.
Condenser microphone is to be used for measurements of sound presser level with high resolution over wide frequency range.
Varieties of microphone diaphragm diameter 1,1/2, 1/4, 1/6, 1/8 inch and corresponding frequency characteristics would best support measurements of various purposes.

Product Specifications

Withstand a high temperature specification
Maximum operating temperature of this measurement condenser microphone is 250℃ that can be used under the high temperature environment that heatproof is demanded.

Frequency Response CharacteristicFree-Field
Nominal Diameter1/2 inch
Release voltage-42dB (7.9mV/Pa)
Polarization voltage100V
Frequency Characteristics20Hz~20kHz
Maximum sound pressure level150dB
Self-noise level42dB(A)
Temperature coefficient0.02dB/℃ or less
Preamplifier TypeTYPE 4012 (with joint adapter TYPE 4412)
Operating Temperature・Range of Humidity-10~+250℃・90%RH(no condensation)
Storage Temperature・Range of Humidity40% or less (at room temperature)
Outline sizeΦ13.2 × 12.6