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Sound Level Meter
TYPE 6236/6238

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About the product

On-site measurement of environmental noise is strongly expected to have high resolution and real-time analyzing function on the spot. Moreover, in the field of product development such as car parts electric appliances, etc., it is required to measure and analyze the sound of ultra-low level more accurately, corresponding to the rise of consciousness that the acoustic characteristics such as silence, tone quality, etc., should be the part of the product, which is deeply related to our human hearing sensation.
The function of TYPE 6236/TYPE 6238 can be extended quite easily to those such as measurement of various parameters for environmental noise, only by inserting option FFT Analysis Card into the card slot.

Function Enhancement -Program card (SD card)-
Replacing the card with SD card enables to add the specified analyzing function to TYPE 6236/TYPE 6238.
-1/1 and 1/3-octave Real-time analysis card
-FTT analysis Card *option
-RSR card (Real Sound Recording Card) *option

Equipped with a function of displaying NC bar graph with evaluated NC index
In response to your great deal of needs, the function of displaying NC-bar with evaluated NC index finally equipped!!
By inserting "1/1 and 1/3-octave Real-time Analysis Card" in TYPE 6236/TYPE 6238, evaluated NC index is displayed in real time, empowering the evaluation of on-site noise measurement.

Embedded high precision microphone
TYPE 6236/TYPE 6238 is equipped with high precision electret condenser microphone(TYPE 7052NR/TYPE 7146NR) which ACO is most proud of.
The measurement frequency range covers entire audible frequencies,TYPE6236:20Hz~20kHz,TYPE6238:10Hz~20kHz.

ACO Microphone is made as one with highly anti-shock capability
"Microphone has a image of breakable object needing frequent replacement"

Such an image is broken down by ACO microphone of highly anti-shock capability,developed through lengthy research and development work.
ACO Microphones,clearing various strength tests,delivers the customers from very delicate handling of the microphone,offering the environment focused on sound measurement.

Product Specifications

1.Main Body
2.Memory Card(SD Card)
3.1/1 and 1/3-octave Real-time Analysis Card
4.BNC pin cord(※only TYPE 6238)
8.Instruction Manual(CD)
9.Carrying Case
A-weighted sound pressure level(LA)
A-weighted sound pressure level is measured when time weighting is [Fast] or [Slow], and Frequency weighting [A]. The instantaneous A-weighted sound pressure level is displayed on the liquid crystal screen. Displayed digital data is updated in each second, as well as bar graph in each 0.1 second.

Sound Pressure Level(LC/Lp)
Sound pressure level is measured when time weighting is [Fast] or [Slow], and Frequency weighting [C] or [Z]. The instantaneous Sound pressure level is displayed on the liquid crystal screen. Displayed digital data is updated in each second, as well as bar graph in each 0.1 second.

Equivalent continuous A-weighted sound pressure level (LAeq)
Set the Time weighting to 「Fast or Slow」, and the frequency weighting to [A]. Measurement time is selected from 1sec/3sec/5sec/10sec//1min/5min/10min/15min/30min/1h/8h/12h/24h. Moreover the manual measurement is available. Data in past 3 sec or 5 sec could be deleted when [Pause] key is pressed during the measurement. The process of LAeq calculation is displayed on the liquid crystal screen.

Percentile level(LN)
By pressing 「Start」Key, the percentile level (Lmax,L05、L10、L50、L90、L95、Lmin), the Sound exposure level(LAe), A-weighted Sound pressure level(LA) and Equivalent continuous A-weighted sound pressure level(LAeq) can simultaneously be measured.

Additional index
・Peak sound pressure level(Lpeak)
・C-weighted peak sound level(LCpeak)
・C-weighted equivalent continuous sound level(Lceq)
・Power average of maximum sound level in a given interval(Latm5)
・Impulse sound level(LAI)
・Impulse equivalent continuous sound level(LAIeq)


Product NamePrice
Sound Level Meter TYPE 6236
(With 1/1 and 1/3-octave Real-time Analysis Card NA-0038)
Precision Sound Level Meter TYPE 6238
(With 1/1 and 1/3-octave Real-time Analysis Card NA-0038)
Function Enhancement option


Product NamePrice
FFT Analysis Card  NA-0038FJPY50,000
RSR Card         NA-0038RJPY50,000
TypeTYPE 6236TYPE 6238
Type approval numberTS201TF202
NameSound Level MeterPrecision Sound Level Meter
Applicable StandardsJIS C1509-1:2017 ClassⅡ
JIS C1516:2014 ClassⅡ
IEC61672-1:2013 Class Ⅱ
JIS C1509-1:2017 ClassⅠ
JIS C1516:2014 ClassⅠ
IEC61672-1:2013 Class Ⅰ
Frequency Range20Hz~20kHz
(Conforms with
measurement law
(Conforms with
measurement law
Microphone Type
TYPE 7052NR:Stand-alone TYPE 7052
(-33dB:Stand-alone -31dB)
TYPE 7146NR:Stand-alone TYPE 7146
(-29dB:Stand-alone -27dB)
Measurement LevelA:28~130dB
C peak:55~141dB
C peak:55~141dB
Self-noise levelThe lower limit of the measurement range in dB lies 6dB higher than self-noise level.The lower limit of the measurement range in dB lies 8dB higher than self-noise level.
Level Range Control10dB 6step
Linearity Range100dB
Time weightingFast、Slow、Impulse
Frequency weightingA、C、Z(FLAT)
Measurement itemsSound pressure level(Lp)
A-weighted sound pressure level(LA)
C-weighted sound pressure level(LC)
Equivalent continuous A-weighted sound pressure level(LAeq)
Sound Exposure level(LAE)
Maximum sound pressure level(LAmax)
Minimum sound pressure level(LAmin)
Percentile sound pressure level(5 freely selectable values、LAN)
Peak Sound Pressure level(Lpeak)
C- weighted Peak Sound Pressure level(LCpeak)
Power average of maximum sound pressure level in a given interval(LAtm5)
Impulse Sound pressure level(LAI)
Impulse equivalent continuous sound pressure level(LAIeq)
Measurement time1s/3s/5s/10s/1min/5min/10min/15min/30min/1h/8h/12h/24h
Manual(Max. 199h59m59s)
Sampling Time20.8μs(Leq、Lmax、Lmin)、100ms(LN)
Data clear FunctionPause, and a function that deletes preceding 3 or 5 sec.
Memory start;Selectable Auto or Manual
Timer functionA marker can be set to start and stop the measurement at any specified moments.
DisplayLiquid crystal and Backlight(128×64 points)
Digital displayDisplay range:4digit display
Display cycle:display Period: 1s
Bar displayDisplay Period:0.1s
WarningOver;+3dB from upper limited scale
Under;-0.6dB from lower limited scale
Battery displayBattery 5 steps display
PauseNormal pause function, as well as the function of canceling the data before pausing the measurement, are available.
Calibration signalElectric calibration with internal oscillator (1kHz sine wave)
AC Outputφ2.5Jack
Output impedance:600Ω
Load impedance:more than 10kΩ
DC Outputφ2.5Jack
0.25V/10dB Output impedance:50Ω
Load impedance:more than10kΩ
RMS detection circuitTrue RMS detection circuit(computing type)
Data Storage FunctionsSound pressure level or Processed values stored in built-in Memory or Memory card
Manual Storage:Sound level, Calculation value, Memory time,Store the Sampling to Built-in memory or on Memory card,
Auto Storage:Sampling interval 100ms, 200ms, Sound level,Leq etc. Processing Card :Storage of calculation results
I/ODirect output to printer, control and output data to computer Digital output of real-time noise waveform with USB interface
Comparator OutputComparator Function with threshold level
Battery TypeFour 1.5V Alkaline cells IEC type LR6, Optional AC adapter
Battery lifeAlkaline dry cell ; Approx.9hours when Switch on a back light ;Approx.1/3
Operating temperatureTemperature:-10~50℃
Humidity:30%~90%RH(no condensation)
Size86(W) x 285(H) x 46(D)
WeightLess than Approx.450g(including Batteries)
【1/1 and 1/3-octave Real-time Analysis Card】 Item


Applicable StandardsJIS C 1514(IEC61260):classI
Measurement modeSound pressure level(Lp)
Equivalent continuous sound pressure level(Leq)
Sound exposure level(LE)
Maximum sound pressure level(Lmax)
(One of the measurement modes selected as above is displayed.)
Frequency analysis band1/1-octave filter:
16Hz,31.5Hz,63Hz,125Hz,250 Hz,500Hz,1kHz,2kHz,
1/3-octave filter:
Level Range Control10dB 6step