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Waterproof Sound Level Meter

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About the product

Product Outline
 Our new product TYPE 6226NW is a "waterproof sound level meter" with included extension cable, realized by particular kind of waterproof technology newly developed.
It guarantees trouble-free measurement even under rainy condition.

New development
Dedicated waterproof microphone
  Due to the function of special filter which lets air and sound through preventing water from coming in, it allows to continue the measurement despite of drops of water on the top of the microphones after they are dried up.
The diaphragm or preamplifier would never be waterlogged or rust out.

They can be used outdoor.
・ Outdoor noise measurement under the condition of rainfall.
 (Aircraft noise, traffic noise, environmental noise)
・ Outdoor measurement of noise of running vehicle and measurement of engine room noise.
・ Noise level measurement in factories with steam generation
・ Environmental noise measurement at an indoor swimming pool or an aquarium.
・ Measurement of leisure cruiser noise or motorboat noise.

Measurement fruquency range
TYPE 6226NW is provided with newly developed waterproof
electret condenser microphone TYPE 7052NW, composed of
time-tested high precision electret condenser microphone
TYPE 7052 equipped with specified waterproofed grid.

The measurement frequency range is 20Hz~10kHz

TYPE 6226NW is conformed to JIS C 1502, and IEC 651・804 Type2.
The measurement frequency range of "sound level meter" specified in
JIS C 1502 is 20Hz~8kHz.

Linearity range
Linearity range is 100dB.
Extended range has made the setup of sound level meter quite easy.

Measurement items
A-weighted sound pressure level(LA)
The LA Measurement is made by selecting dynamic characteristics
"FAST"or "SLOW", and frequency characteristics "A".

The instantaneous sound level is displayed on the screen.
Numerical display is updated for "every second" and bar display
"every 0.1 second".

Sound pressure level(LC/LF)
The LC/LF Measurement is made by selecting dynamic characteristics
"FAST" or "SLOW", and frequency characteristics "C" or "F".

The instantaneous sound level is displayed on the screen.
Numerical display is updated for "every second" and bar display
"every 0.1 second".

Equivalent continuous A-weighted sound pressure level(LAeq)
The LAeq is Measurement is made by selecting dynamic characteristics
"FAST" or "SLOW", and frequency characteristics "A".
Measuring time can be chosen from
1 second, 3 seconds, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes,
10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 8 hours, and 24 hours.
Manual measurement is also possible.
During measurement, if the "Pause" button is pushed, the data for
3 last seconds or 5 seconds can also be deleted.
The progress value of LAeq is displayed on a display.
Percentile sound pressure level(LX)
Preparations of a noise level and an equivalent noise level are made.
「Start」KEY is pushed.
Percentile sound pressure level (L05, L10, L50, L90, L95),
Sound exposure level (LAe),a A-weighted sound pressure level (LA),
an equivalent continuous A-weighted sound pressure level (LAeq),
Maximum sound pressure level (Lmax), and minimum sound pressure
level (Lmin) are simultaneously measurable.

Data saving and PC communixation function
Memory function
Approx.10,00 samples : 800 sets of results.

Calendar function
Built-in clock and calendar function installed.

Output signal
Provided with AC and DC signal output.
DAT recorder and level recorder can be connected.

The data recorded in the memory can be printed out by connecting a dedicated printer.

PC communication function
RS-232C function is equipped.
The data recorded in the memory can be transferred to PC in real time even under
the measurement.

Data communication is possible with all kind of computers with RS-232C function.


Operation panel

Operation panel

Outside carrying case

Inside carrying case

Product Specifications

●Extension cable 3m (standard length) include.
 It offers trouble-free outdoor measurement at the site of nose source with microphone placed outdoor and main body indoor, as well as effectively functions in long-term measurement in the factory with high humidity.

●It fits together with windscreen NA-0301 and other optional articles.
 It can be used under any indoor or outdoor conditions.


TypeTYPE 6226NW
NameWaterproof Sound Level Meter
Applicable StandardsJIS C 1502
IEC 651・804Type2
Measurement Level28~130dB(A)、33~130dB(C)、38~130db(F)
Frequency Range20Hz~10kHz
(Conforms with measurement law:20Hz~8kHz)
Microphone TypeTYPE 7052NW(Waterproof 1/2" electret condenser microphone)
Level Range10dB step, 6 stages
Linearity range100dB
Frequency weightingA、C、FLAT
Measurement itemsSound pressure level(Lp)
Equivalent continuous sound pressure level(Leq)
Sound exposure level(Le)、Maximum sound pressure Level(Lmax)
Minimum sound pressure level(Lmin)
Percentile sound pressure level(Lx, 5 freely selectable values)
C-weighted Peak Sound Pressure level(LCPeak)
Measurement time1s,3s,5s,10s,1min,5min,10min,15min,30min,1h,8h,24h,Manual(Max.199h59m59s)
Sampling Time20.8μs(Leq)、10ms(Lmax、Lmin)
Lx Sampling Time100ms
DisplayLiquid crystal and Backlight(128×64 points)
Digital displayDisplay range:4digit display
Display cycle:display Period: 1s
Bar displayDisplay Period:0.1s
WarningOver;+3dB from upper limited scale
Under;-0.6dB from lower limited scale
Battery displayBattery 4 steps display
Built-in memoryCalculated value is memorized in memory. (Approx.10,000 samples:800 sets of results)
Built-in calendaryear/month/day/hour:minute:second
PausePause and a function that deletes preceding 3 or 5 sec Data
Calibration signalElectric calibration with internal oscillator(1kHz sine wave)
AC outputOutput:1Vrms(F.S)、Output impedance:600Ω、Load impedance:more than 10kΩ
DC outputOutput:2.5V(F.S)、0.25V/10dB、Output impedance:50Ω、Load impedance:more than10kΩ
data bits:8bits
stop bit:1bit
baud rate:4800, 9600, 19200bps(for printing, computer control and data transfer.)
Battery TypeFour 1.5V size-AA batteries
Consumption current;When AC adaptor is used ;Approx.2.1VA
Battery lifeAlkaline batteries:20 hours, Manganese batteries:10 hours
when switch on a back light;Approx.1/3
Operating temperatureTemperature:-10~50℃ Humidity:Unlimited
WeightApprox.420g(including Batteries)


1.Operating temperature-10℃~+50℃
2.Operating humidityUnlimited


3.Battery life20 hours(Alkaline batteries)
10 hours(Manganese batteries)


4.PC connectivityRS-232C(asynchronous)
data bits:8bits
stop bit:1bit
baud rate:4800, 9600, 19200bps


5.Analytical equipment connectivityAC:1Vrms(F.S)
 Output impedance 600Ω
 Load impedance:more than 10kΩ
 Output impedance 50Ω
 Load impedance:more than 10kΩ