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High Temperature Microphone (160 °C)
TYPE 7412A/4012A

  • JPY 300,000
    ※including high temperature type waterproof cap.

    Microphone Power Supply TYPE 5001:JPY 150,000

About the product

1/2 inch high temperature microphone Type 7412A / 4012A has excellent heat resistance and it enables accurate measurement under wide temperature range of -10 °C ~ +160 °C.

Case Studies

Measurements and tests for automobile and aircraft, etc. are performed under various environmental conditions and requires high durability for instruments used for measuring and testing.
Type 7412A / 4012A is effective for measurement of operational sounds in the engine room or transmission under high temperature condition. High temperature type waterproof cap can protect the microphone from water, oil or dust and continuous usage is possible in harsh environmental conditions.


Product Specifications

TypeFree field
Diameter1/2 inch
Sound pressure sensitivity-40 dB re 1 V/Pa
(10.0 mV/Pa)
Polarization voltageMicrophoneDC +200V
PreamplifierDC +28V
Frequency range20 Hz ~ 20 kHz
Maximum sound pressure level146 dB
Self-noise level40dB(A)
Output impedance50 Ω
Operating temperature / humidity range -10 °C ~ +160 °C, 90 % RH max. (without condensation)
Length3 m
Dimensions / weightΦ15.3 mm × 122 mm, approx. 46 g
1/2 inch High Temperature MicrophoneTYPE 7412A1 ea
1/2 inch Preamplifier
(including Teflon cable 3 m)
TYPE 4012A1 ea
High temperature type waterproof capNA-03401 ea