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Sound Source Visualization System
TYPE 8820

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About the product

To identify the source of the noise at the noise investigation, various measurement equipment and long hours of analysis are required. Also, there were cases where the identification of the noise source is difficult. Sound Source Visualization System enables identification of the noise source easily comprehensible, quick and efficient, by visualize the sound. This system utilizes augmented reality method and can offer visualization on the image taken by the camera mounted at the center of the system for the sound source with wide frequency range.

・By using the augmented reality method with a camera mounted at the center of microphone array, contour line of the measured sound pressure level is displayed as superimposed with the real image.
・Enables quick and efficient identification of the position of the abnormal sound on the computer image.
・Wide range of frequency can be covered with minimum microphone array.
・With a unique variable microphone array, identification of the positon of the abnormal sound source can be accomplished from low frequency to high frequency band with a single system.
・Frequency of the measured sound source can be confirmed and can cope with various situations such as the timing of the noise generation.
・By ACO’s unique system, overwhelmingly low cost was realized.

Case Studies

Take the automobile as an example, engine as a source of power is evolving from internal combustion to hybrid to EV. For the unexpected abnormal noise and sound with the advancement of technology, this system can effectively identify the position of the noise source and supports solving the problem.

【Measurement of engine room】
Data such as frequency band of the abnormal noise and the timing of the occurrence are displayed on the PC screen and frequency of the noise source is analyzed. Measurement area and position of the noise source are displayed on the same image and the position of the abnormal noise can be instantly identified. A software that has various functions required at the development site is provided as a standard accessory so that additional optional item is minimized.

ACO’s Sound Source Visualization System is expected to be used not only in the automobile industry but also in all product development fields and in various scenes such as facility/equipment diagnosis on production lines. This system is indispensable for identifying the sound source of the equipment in the casing in the current age of progressing noise-reduction.


Product Specifications

Variable microphone array32 channels
Frequency range500 Hz ~ 12 kHz
Measurement distance300 mm ~
Sampling rate51.2 kHz
Data displayTime series
CameraUSB camera
OSWindows 7,8,10
CPUcore i3 or up
Memory2 GB min.
Hard disk500 GB min.
Operating temp./humidity0 ~ 40°C, less than 90 % RH
(without condensation)
Storage temp./humidityAmbient temp., less than 40 % RH
DimensionsArray : Approx. Φ 530 mm
WeightApprox. 3 kg
AccessoryPersonal computer, carrying case
Individual microphone specification
Product name, Type No.Preamplifier integrated microphone TYPE 4160N
Sound pressure sensitivity-44 dB ±3 dB re 1V/Pa
(6.3 mV/Pa)
Polarization voltage0 V
Power supply voltageDC +15~ 28V, 0.5 ~ 4 mA, constant current
PhaseWithin 5°
(100 Hz ~ 1 kHz)
DimensionsΦ7 × 50 mm
Variable microphone array
(Including TYPE 4160N × 32 ea, Camera × 1
1 set
Tripod1 ea
A/D converter1 ea
Cables1 set
Personal computer
(including software)
1 ea
Instruction manual1 ea
Carrying case
(with caster wheel)
1 ea

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