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Sound Calibrator
TYPE 2127

  • 50,000YEN

About the product

Notification of completion of the development of new type Sound Calibrator as well as the start of the sales .

In early spring of 2007, our development department has completed the development of new type Sound Calibrator 「TYPE2127」, complying with JIS C1515(2004) Class 1 and IEC60942 (2003)Class1. Also, we have simultaneously tooled up production of 2127.

Then we are to start the sale of the Sound Calibrator very recently.

In parallel with the start of「TYPE2127」 sale, we have to inform the completion of the sale of 「TYPE2126」.

・Pursuant Standards : JIS C 1515(2004) Class1, IEC 60942:2003 Class1
・Coverage microphone: 1-inch and 1/2-inch measurement microphones
・Stable and high-precision calibration realized by feedback control with temperature compensation (patent.).

Product Specifications


Pursuant StandardsIEC 60942:2003 Class1
JIS C1515:2004 Class1
Coverage microphoneMeasurement Microphone
1-inch and 1/2-inch
(Included 1/2-inch microphone Adapter)
Nominal Sound pressure level (Tolerance)94dB(±0.3dB)
Nominal Frequency (Tolerance)1000Hz(±0.1%)
Size (mm)Approx.110(W)×75.5(H)×46(D)
Battery TypeTwo Alkaline dry batteries (LR6)
Accessories1/2-inch microphone Adapter 1
Alkaline dry batteries (LR6 )   2
Case       1
Instruction manual          1
option1/4-inch microphone Adapter
AD-2124-4 Price:¥30,000-