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Vibration Calibrator
TYPE 2110

  • JPY 800,000

About the product

TYPE 2110 Vibration Calibrator offers highly accurate calibration for vibration pickups with the weight of 10-500g.

TYPE 2110 is a calibrator for maintenance and of the level meters.
With the TYPE 2110, calibration of the vibration level that is required by JIS-C-1510-1995 after prolonged usage or usage under severe environmental conditions can be performed easily with high accuracy.

■ Easy switching of the commercial power frequency (50Hz or 60Hz).
■ Calibration in horizontal direction is possible using pickup holder.

Product Specifications

mesurement set up
Vibration excitation level97dB (0dB=10-5m/s²) ±0.5dB
Vibration excitation frequency6.3Hz+/-3%
Maximum allowable weight2.6kg
Acceleration wave distortion5% max
Vibration table diameterφ130
Operating temperature15~35℃ 90% max
Power sourceAC100V (50Hz/60Hz switching)
Vibration Calibrator1 ea
Pickup horizontal holder1 ea
Cable1 ea
Instruction manual1 ea

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