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TYPE 8328A
TYPE 8328B

  • 定価
    ・TYPE 8328A – JPY 1,200,000

    ・TYPE 8328B – JPY 980,000

About the product

With ACO’s HATS (Dummy Head) that complies with ANSI and IEC standards, measurements can be made taking effects by diffraction or reflection that occurs when the acoustic wave propagates near the head and body into consideration. It uses omnidirectional type microphone and it is possible to record the sound with high presence that is very close to the real sound heard by human ear. (Binaural recording)
It is ideal for evaluation of headphones or earphones and measurement of automobile interior acoustic field. Also, highly precise analysis for architectural acoustics can be achieved by using Handheld Analyzer.

TYPE 8328A has ear simulator coupler (both ears) and is suitable for development/evaluation of headphones or earphones or measurement of acoustic characteristics of cell phones, etc.
TYPE 8328B has 2 microphones positioned near the ear canals and is suitable for measurement of automobile interior acoustic environment (interior noise, voice recognition), reflecting effects on response caused by human head and body.

Case Studies

■ Measurement for development or evaluation of headphones/earphones
■ Measurement for acoustic characteristics of cell phones, etc.
■ Binaural recording
■ Measurement for Head Related Transfer Function (HRTF)
■ Measurement of automobile interior acoustic environment (interior noise, voice recognition)

When performing acoustic measurements in the car, existence of human body in relatively small room cubic capacity cannot be ignored. For that reason, it is essential to make measurement of acoustic characteristics using HATS that simulates upper torso of human body having microphones at the positions of ears. It enables measurement of phenomena that are peculiar to the automobile interior including effects of human body, which is otherwise impossible to measure with ordinary microphones.
In addition, by using FFT analysis software SpectraPLUS-SC, analysis of 2ch frequency into cosideration for both of left and right ears, and measurement of phase and transfer function can be performed.

■ It is selectable from head only (dummy head) or with torso (HATS)
■ It has built-in Ear Simulator couplers (for both ears)
(IEPE (constant current) 2ch power source included)
■ It is possible to connect to various acoustic measurement equipments.

Product Specifications

SAMURAI HATS specification

Applicable standardsITU-T Rec. P. 58, ANSI S3.36-1985
IEC 60318-7 acoustic characteristic
Frequency range100 Hz – 10 kHz
Operational temperature range-20 ̊C - +60 ̊C
Height (overall height)724 mm
Height (torso)474 mm
Width400 mm
Depth170 mm
WeightApprox. 10 kg

Ear Simulator specification

Applicable standardsIEC 60318-4(former 60711)/ITU-T Rec. P57
MicrophoneTYPE 7813 (Sound pressure type)
Sound pressure sensitivity-39 dB re 1 V/Pa (11.2 mV/Pa)
Frequency characteristic100 Hz – 10 kHz
Volume1.28 cm3 +/- 0.03 cm3

Preamplifier Integrated Microphone specification

Polarizing voltage0 V
Frequency range20 Hz – 20 kHz

TYPE 8328A

Ear Simulator TYPE 2128E2 ea
2CH Microphone Power Supply TYPE 50061 ea
BNC Cable 3 m BC-0070-32 ea

TYPE 8328B

Microphone TYPE 4246N2 ea
2CH Microphone Power Supply TYPE 50061 ea
BNC Cable 3 m BC-0070-32 ea

Optional Items

Sound Level MeterTYPE 6236
Real Sound Recording CardNA-0038R
Waveform Analysis SoftwareNA-0038X
Handheld AnalyzerTYPE 6240
FFT Analysis SoftwareSpectraPLUS-SC
A/D Convertor (Sound Card)Spectra DAQ-200
Calibrator (Pistonphone)TYPE 2124A
Carrying CaseNA-0081
Calibration Certificate
Pinnae (Left, Right)

Other materials

Example of system configuration

Frequency Characteristic


Calibration of HATS by Pistonphone

Side panel