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1G Calibrator
TYPE 2101

  • 260,000Yen

About the product

Enables on-site check and calibration of acceleration pickup, vibration measurement system and vibration level meter.

Case Studies

・Low cost and provide accurate sine wave vibration without distortion.
・Calibration with acceleration, velocity and displacement(10m/s²,10mm/s,10μm) are possible.
・Small size(φ68 x 200mm) and light weight (approx.600g) make it easier to bring the calibrator to measurement sites.
・Grip designed for easy grasp.
・Suitably shaped to prevent from falling.
・Have built-in pickup for reference level control and temperature sensor.
・Calibration of pickup up to 70g in weight is possible.
・Carrying case included.


Example of usage
Firmly fix the acceleration pickup with the screw attached to the product or by using thin double-stick tape.
Push the push button on the side of the body to start the operation.
Adjust the measurement equipment so that correct reference value is indicated.


Product Specifications


Vibration Frequency 159.2Hz ±1%(-10℃~+55℃)
Vibration Acceleration10m/s² (rms)
Vibration Velocity10m/s(rms)
Vibration Displacement10μm(rms)
Lateral Vibration AmplitudeLess than 5% of the amplitude in main axis.
Limit of the mass of the acceleration
pickup to be calibrated
70g or less.
Fluctuation of vibration due to difference in mass of the acceleration pickup to be calibrated±3%(acceleration +10℃~+40℃)
Total Harmonic Distortion3% or less (Mass of the acceleration pickup to be calibrated 20~60g)
5% or less (Mass of the acceleration pickup to be calibrated 10~70g)
Overload sensing functionCalibration is automatically stopped if the mass exceeds 100g.
Operation ModeOperation is automatically stopped.(after approx.2 minutes)
BatterySize AA battery 4ea.
Operating Temperature and Humidity-10℃~+55℃, 90%RH or less.
Dimension and weightφ68mm×200(L)mm・ Approx.900g(including battery weight)

Standard Components

1G Calibrator
TYPE 2101
M6/M3 Adapter Screw1ea
M6 Flat Screw1ea
Carrying Case1ea
Size AA battery4ea
Instruction Manual1ea

Other materials

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